Unexpected Costs of Home Building

It’s no shock to custom home builders that the process is expensive, but it’s completely worth it in the end. Regardless of who you speak to about the costs of home building, the majority will advise you to over budget and allow for extra costs that may come up. Inevitably, those extra things will pop up and at times cost more than you originally anticipated. Rather than having to go with a cheaper alternative or removing something from your dream home, go into your custom home building experience fully prepared. Keep in mind that every build is different so it is hard to compare your New Braunfels area custom build to another project. Here are a few costs that you want to be sure to include when planning your budget.

Lot Prep Fees
If your lot is not prepped for building, this is a fee you will have to include in your budget. The preparation and work it takes for a piece of land to be built on can be both time consuming and costly. Weather delays may also prolong the time it takes. Naturally, a flat lot will be cheaper to prepare than a lot with trees and uneven ground.

Permit Fees 
Permit fees are usually inevitable, depending on where you are building your new custom home. Permits you may be required to have are a building permit, a sewer/septic permit, an electrical permit or an occupancy permit. Almost all of these permits require a payment and these payments can add up quickly. Be sure to check with your custom home builder if these permit prices have been included in your build cost. Also remember that acquiring these permits takes time and can delay your build timeline.

Utility Costs
There are multiple utility costs that you will incur depending on where you are and what needs to be connected. You may have to pay for the electric company to connect electricity to your home. If your home uses natural gas, you will need to pay for the gas connection. Connecting to the local sewer system also comes with a cost. All of these connections and hookups are necessary aspects of the home building process that require payment with costs varying.

These are just some of the basic costs you will need to budget for outside of materials and labor that come with the actual building of your custom Hill Country dream home.

Before finalizing your custom home construction contract, make sure you have as many details as possible. Obviously you will not be able to have every single detail outlined before you start building, but the more information you do have the better prepared you will be. Sit down with your builder and have multiple discussions to ensure that you are both on the same page.

Your custom home builder should take into consideration your personal choices and also be able to give you a full estimate of the price range that you are expected to pay. Craftmaster Custom Homes LC would love to sit down and discuss your plan for custom home building. Based on your visions, we can develop a build plan with your customization and budget in mind. As experts in the home building process, we can advise you on where you may want to include more detail and what areas you may be able to compromise on a few things. Also, always be sure to ask about allowances that are included in your building contract. Many times fixtures, flooring, cabinets, countertops and appliances are included in a base price. However, these allowances may not cover the exact item you are wanting, resulting in an additional cost.

We recommend taking your time and doing your research when it comes to selections in your custom Hill Country home. It is easy to get carried away in making choices that may not fit your original budget. Even the smallest costs can add up quickly. Regardless of your budget, building your dream home should be an enjoyable and fun experience. Craftmaster Homes LC is here to help and make the process as stress-free as possible. If you have any questions about your custom home building process in the Hill Country of New Braunfels please reach out to us! We are always available for a consultation, detailed estimates or timelines and would love to hear from you!