Tips for Choosing a Floor Plan

The process of choosing a floor plan for your new Hill Country custom dream home can be exciting, but can also be overwhelming. The majority of the decisions you make for your home will have a lasting impact. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing the floor plan that is right for you and your family.

Square Footage
You probably already have a desired square footage in mind as you browse through floor plans, However, some floor plans are smartly designed and can make better use of a small space. You may actually be able to “live large” in a home that is smaller in square footage than you expected.

Consider the Flow
As you peruse floor plans, imagine yourself walking through the home. Does the flow of the kitchen to your eating area or dining room feel right? Is your laundry room in a convenient area for doing laundry and putting away the clothes? Do your bedrooms provide privacy? Consider bringing in a large load of groceries, do you have an easy path to the kitchen?

Number of Levels
How many levels does your dream home have? Is a single-level ranch style your preference or do you need a two-story home to accommodate everyone in your household? If you do not want to deal with stairs a single-level home is definitely your preference. If you need more space, but want to do most of your living on the first floor, consider integrating a first-floor owner’s suite.

Open Floor Plans
A popular choice in floor plans is the open concept. This is usually a choice of those who are interested in entertaining or being able to observe children from another room. The lack of walls between the kitchen, dining area and living room allow for more socializing. When cooking, you are no longer cut off from activity outside the kitchen. When looking at open floor plans, consider how the rooms connect. There may be one big space, either long, square or rectangular, or a L-shape design with the kitchen as a pivotal point. Another thing to remember is how your furniture will fit in the layout. It is important to consider your family’s lifestyle and envision how you will use the main living area when choosing a floor plan.

Functional Spaces
Many times the small details of a home spark a big change. Features such as a mudroom or the design and placement of a laundry room may not seem like a big deal, but can make a big difference in your home. A mudroom can help keep clutter under control and protect your home from outdoor elements being tracked into the rest of your home. Cabinets or cubbies are always a great choice for incorporating in this area. This area can establish a system for organizing shoes, backpacks, school stuff, leashes or anything else that often gets lost when it’s allowed to meander into other parts of the home. It can also make your morning routine a little less stressful, if everything is in its “spot”.

Do you prefer your laundry room to be closer to the kitchen or the master suite? Do you need your laundry room to also provide storage or a utility sink? Maybe you have multiple dogs and want a dog washing area. Another popular trend is a laundry room with a countertop to fold laundry and cabinets to store various things.

Undiscovered Needs
As you look through different floor plans, be sure to consider alternative uses for rooms that you may not use as their intended purpose. A formal living or dining room could seem extraneous, but you could use it as a playroom, game room, library, hobby studio or other function. A bonus or flex room could work great as an office, but also as an extra bedroom when you have guests staying over.

Craftmaster Homes LC wants to build your vision. We can meet you where you are in the building process. If you already have a floor plan we would love to go over that with you or can help you in selecting a floor plan that is best for your family.  Craftmaster Homes LC can help turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today!