Single Story vs Multi-Level Homes

Do you prefer to venture “out” or build “up”? One of the first decisions you will need to make when designing your Hill Country custom home is whether you want a single story or multi-level home. If you are unsure of which you want, consider the following pros and cons.

The average home is 2500 square feet. Building all on one level could require more excavation, a larger foundation and more roofing materials and structure. If you build a multi-level home, that same square footage is stacked on top of itself giving the home a smaller footprint and requires less roofing area to construct and maintain.

However, you may be able to build a single level home with fewer bathrooms, as those located near bedrooms could also be accessible from your main living areas. This will reduce cost in materials and labor. You might also be able to combine a mudroom and laundry room, rather than putting your laundry room upstairs near bedrooms for easier access.

The style of your custom Hill Country dream home may also weigh into your decision on whether to build a single or multi-level home. Some designs are better suited for multi-levels vs single level. Different features are more conducive to different styles, but may be incorporated into either type. Multi-level homes may also take more time to build. You should consult with your builder about how the height of your home might affect your construction timeline.

Another thing you definitely want to take into consideration is your season of life and how that may change in years ahead. If you have limited mobility, stairs will be a barrier, regardless of age. However; even if you choose to build a multi-level home, you are able to design a home with a master bedroom and full bathroom on the main level with all of your other primary living spaces. Lifestyle choices should also be taken into account. Some families wish to keep communal areas separate from bedrooms, in which a multi-level home may provide better separation.

Preferred location and lot size may also weigh heavily on what type of home to build. Smaller lots or expansive views tend to be ideal for multi-level homes. Also, if building in an area with an HOA, be sure to check those restrictions before designing your custom home.

Regardless of what type of custom Hill Country home you wish to build, Craftmaster Custom Homes can help! Contact us today and let us help you discuss and design the custom home of your dreams!