Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Must Haves

Whether you are looking to remodel your current kitchen or designing your kitchen in your new Hill Country custom built home, farmhouse style kitchens are a popular trend. There are many different variations of farmhouse styles, including rustic, modern and western. A very popular feature in farmhouse kitchens, regardless of style, is a gas cooktop. It can be a strong statement piece for aesthetics in your kitchen, as well as provide many other advantages. Propane-powered ranges can offer a reliable and affordable option to meet the needs of a variety of homeowners. Propane is also a clean, environmentally friendly energy source.

Gas ranges are well known for their performance benefits, such as greater control of heat levels and the ability to cool faster than electric stoves with their instant-off capability. Both features are preferred by professional chefs. You can have this same chef-desired cooktop performance in your home by incorporating propane into your remodel or build.

Gas cooktops generally last longer than their electric counterparts. Homeowners can also have some peace of mind with the affordability of propane. You will usually see annual cost savings compared to electric appliances. If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint, a propane range is a great solution.

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