Master Bedroom Luxury Features

You spend approximately one-third of your life sleeping. Investing in your master bedroom should be a priority. Your bedroom can be so much more than where you rest your head at night. Larger master bedrooms can provide a mini-getaway anytime. Use an array of design features for your master bedroom to exude comfort and reveal a personal touch.


Super Low-Profile Bed with No-Fuss Bedding
Bulky, high-profile beds are a trend of the past. Homeowners are now modernizing their master bedroom with no-fuss bedding and low-profile furnishings. It’s never been easier to get a good night’s sleep.

Statement Bed
On the other hand, some homeowners are choosing to find a bed that really makes a statement in their master bedroom. This is the place where you make the rules, so it’s your safe space to experiment with whatever furniture and features bring you joy.

Antique Mirror Headboard 
Another current trend is an antique mirrored headboard. This can add a romantic, old-world flair to your master bedroom. A subtle mirrored headboard can add a sparkling touch to your bed or mount it as a decorative piece.


Hanging Bedside Lighting
Rather than traditional lamps, consider installing bedside lighting directly into the ceiling or wall surrounding your bed. This will free up space on your nightstand as well as add a functional and clean touch to your master bedroom. Add extra luxury by installing a dimmer and a remote so you can control the amount of light around the bed for different moods.

Extra Large Windows 
Be sure to take advantage of the gorgeous views your site provides with large windows for your bedroom. The current trend is to marry the outside world with your inside space. Large windows allow you to enjoy Mother Nature and all of the health benefits she provides.


Ceiling Pocket for Draperies
If you don’t like the look of hardware used to hang your curtains or shades, consider framing a pocket into the ceiling where you can hang window coverings. This will provide a clean and visually appealing detail to your master bedroom.

Hidden Nook
Some homeowners are incorporating a makeup vanity or small writing nook into their new master bedroom.

One of the most intimate rooms in your Hill Country home is your master bedroom. It should provide a comforting space to decompress and unwind as well as reflect your personality. For maximum enjoyment, create a master bedroom where you love to spend your time relaxing at the end of the day, as well as a cozy room to wake up in the mornings. If you have any questions about building your custom dream home in the Hill Country of New Braunfels or have any other questions please reach out to us! We are always available for a consultation and would love to hear from you!