Master Bath Must Haves

One of the benefits of building your custom dream home is you can create everything exactly like you wish. You can customize each room to fit your wants and needs. You do not have to face the disappointment that remodeling a master bathroom just cannot meet your expectations. You have the freedom to choose exactly what you want. Every person’s dream master bath looks a little different based on each home builder’s tastes and preferences. However, there are a few common “must haves” to consider when designing your master bath.

Double Sink
Let us help you make this decision – go with the double sink. It can be a gamechanger in your relationship. Each person has their own space to keep as clean or cluttered as they wish. No arguments over where to put your toothbrush, makeup, hair products, etc. There are custom master baths with single sink designs, but we strongly recommend you go with the double sink option!

Using a tile in your master bath that you love is essential. You can always choose to go with a classic and beautiful white or grey option or you can mix things up and choose a catalina tile or a bold encaustic tile. Just remember to consider the longevity of the design you do choose. Replacing tile is not an easy or cheap task, so you want to choose something that you will love for many years to come. The tile you choose can instantly set the tone and aesthetic for your bathroom. Another thing to consider is the price point you are wanting to spend on tile for your custom master bath.

Faucets and Hardware
To give your dream master bath that extra pizazz, install hardware that fits your personal style. Sometimes this requires you to spend a little more than just the basic faucet or hardware, but in our opinion it is worth it. Decide on the style you are wanting to achieve, choose a metal finish and consider your options. In most homes, metal finishes are the same throughout, but you can always mix and match metals as well. We do recommend having some consistency throughout your home and not mix more than 3 finishes and keep like metals on the same plane. Use the same finish for all vanity hardware, light fixtures in a different finish and faucets in another.

We’ve never built a home that a homeowner has complained has too much storage. It’s just not possible. Regardless if you choose vanity drawers, strategically placed open shelves or a custom built linen closet, having a space to store, and potentially hide, all those unsightly odds and ends that are found in your bathroom is highly recommended. Many home builders envision a crisp, clean, spa-like bathroom and it doesn’t include constantly cluttered countertops. Something as simple as a drawer or cabinet to place your daily toiletries out of sight can improve the look of your master bath in just a few minutes.

The most common goal for master bathrooms is relaxation. Every home builder has their preference of a rejuvenating shower or a long soak in a tub, or of course you can prefer both depending on the time of day. This is your chance to get away from the shower/tub combo with a single shower head. If you have the room, we advise you pick out that luxurious soaker tub and install a walk-in shower with multiple shower heads. If a tub  just isn’t your thing, we do recommend you create a walk-in shower that is as luxurious as possible with multiple shower heads customized to fit your dream shower.

You have an endless amount of options when it comes to designing your dream master bathroom. If you are considering building a home Craftmaster Homes LC would love to be part of your process! Contact us today to discuss all your must haves for each room in your home. We would love to build your custom master bath and home to your exact specifications!