Interior Design Trends for 2022

It’s nearly 2022 and that means new design trends are on the verge. Here’s a list of predictions of popular trends for home decor, living room and interior designs for your home in 2022.

Supply chain shortages and delays will contribute to the increase of vintage decor in homes. One-of-a-kind pieces will become prominent in homes as homeowners shop vintage stores and find pieces they can make their own. This will create uniqueness in your home. Shopping vintage will also allow you to customize pieces of furniture to your design style.

Natural Materials
Homeowners are choosing more natural pieces for the living areas that are timeless and promote longevity. A common trend that is being seen is natural wood mixed with travertine, creating a calm and natural ambience.

An increase in the use of bold, heavy marbles has entered the design world and is here to stay. Fresh, rugged and rough slabs have been heavily introduced.

Versatile Spaces
The pandemic has taught many homeowners how to transform one space to another with ease. This is a trend we will continue to see in homes throughout 2022. A common versatile space in homes is using your table or kitchen bar as a desk.

Natural Lighting
Natural lighting has been a growing trend with the increased amount of time being spent at home. High ceilings and large windows increase views to the outside and provide abundant daylight. Natural light also relieves stress.

Black Accents
To accentuate your natural materials and neutral color spaces, black accents and hardware are on the rise. If you are looking for a budget friendly option, switch out the drawer pulls or handles on existing furniture with a black option to create contrast. Black accents, such as lamps or mirrors, will add depth and subtle edge to y0ur space.

Textured Fabrics 
Textured fabrics are projected to be the “it” fabrics for 2022, including sherpa, velvets and loops. These fabrics look luxurious and chic but are usually also cozy and soft. Also making an appearance in 2022 will be fringe on furniture.

Another popular trend from the pandemic is an increase in houseplants throughout the home. Indoor plants promote clean air and have a calming effect, both of which promote wellness.

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