Home Features Baby Boomers Want and Don’t Want

According to a survey published by NAHB What Home Buyers Really Want, baby boomers have strong opinions about what they want in a home and features that they do not want. Nearly 4,000 home buyers were surveyed on 175 features. The number 1 want on the list of features that baby boomers want is a laundry room, coming in at 94%. It is also important for baby boomers to have ENERGY STAR windows, appliances and homes. Windows were of top priority with 91% of baby boomers listing them as an essential/must have or desirable feature in their home. Other important features for baby boomer’s homes to have are patios, ceiling fans, garage storage, exterior lighting, full bath on the main level, walk-in pantry and hardwood flooring. These findings trended in line with overall home buyers with two exceptions; baby boomers want a full bath on the main level and they are more likely to express their opinion of their wants.

Desired community features by baby boomers were also ranked. Those coming in at the top were near retail space, walking/jogging trails, typically suburban, walkable community and a park area.

As for the features most unwanted by baby boomers, an elevator came out on top. 80% of baby boomers are looking to purchase single-story homes, which when you take into account age and failing health, this is not a surprise. Another top dislike of baby boomers was a wine cellar. Other features that are desirable to baby boomers are two-story family room, plant-covered roof, pet washing station, dual toilets in master bath, golf course community, cork flooring or high-density development. Many of the listed features tend to be found in more modern type homes, so we are not all that shocked by the findings. Many baby boomers are looking for quiet established living communities.

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