We believe in sustainable processes and materials to protect our environments resources. Based on your budget and desires we will create a highly sustainable and energy efficient home. Over the last 25 years we have been incorporating some of the most advanced and energy conserving methods and materials in our building process. Here is a partial list of some of the more common energy conserving techniques and materials:


  • Rainwater Collection – installing for over 10 years
  • Tyvek house wrap – protects against moisture and air infiltration
  • Closed vented system – reduces HVAC costs when used with spray foam systems
  • Spray foam insulation – open cell water based expanding foam
  • Blow-in batt insulation – fiberglass tightly packed to stop air infiltration
  • Polycel foam insulation – covers openings of electrical and plumbing penetrations
  • Vinyl Double pane, low-e windows filled with Argon gas
  • Window and door flashing wrap – stops wind and water infiltration
  • Fiberglass insulated doors – will not warp or crack
  • Radiant barrier roof decking – can reduce a/c costs by up to 17%
  • High efficiency a/c with heat pump and minimum 14 SEER rating
  • High efficiency split-system, ductless a/c with low energy consumption
  • Tankless on – demand water heaters or new electric heat pump water heaters
  • Metal roofs – they reflect the sun and reduce the absorption of solar radiation into the attic
  • 2×6 exterior wall system – higher R-value reduces HVAC costs
  • Home orientation and home design – place windows and doors away from Western exposure

The list goes on and we will always be willing to keep up with the latest technologies or to implement your special requests.