Holiday Decorating

Are you ready for the holidays? Regardless if you have had your tree up since Halloween or are just starting to decorate for the holidays, we have a few tips to create a gorgeous Christmas space with just the right amount of color and decor.

Replace Don’t Add 
The most common decorating mistake made during Christmas decorating is adding your holiday decor to the existing decor in your home. This leads to clutter and creates confusion in the eyes. Although it takes a little more time, replace your current decor with your Christmas themed lights, candles and art.

Avoid Red & Green Everywhere 
Yes, the Christmas season brings out red and green, but don’t put it everywhere. These colors are bright and cheery but become very powerful in one space. For a more visually pleasing option, choose one of them and pair with a nice off-white or cream. This creates a subtle but festive look.

Keep It Simple
“Less is more” rings true with Christmas decorations. The less you put out, the more you really highlight what you put out. Choose a few of your favorite holiday decorations and display those in your living area. You can then spread out your other decorations in bedrooms, office spaces or even the kitchen. The more you spread out and simplify your decorations in each space, the more beautiful and intentional they will be.

Include Greenery 
A simple and classy way to spruce up your decorations is by bringing nature indoors. A small amount of greenery or a big, live Christmas tree can fill your home with crisp evergreen smells and a beautiful natural vibe. If you prefer artificial decoration, consider including an evergreen candle for that “real” smell. Pinecones and cranberries are other great options to include with your greenery.

Many people dream of decorating their custom home for the holidays. Craftmaster Homes LC would love to play a part by building that dream home for you! Contact us today! We would love to build your vision.