Get Ready For the Freeze

As the inclement weather approaches, please know that Craftmaster Homes, LC is thinking of you and hoping for the best possible outcome. We also want to help you with questions about temperature-related damage.

What do I do if I have frozen pipes and/or broken pipes? Turn off the water in the home to prevent damage or potential additional damage. If you don’t know how to turn the water off in your home, you can check out this article from or give us a call at 512-847-5288. We can walk you through the process.

Additional steps to take now:

  • Locate your water main shutoff valve. Know where it is before you need to.
  • Turn off and drain your irrigation system.
  • Open under-sink cabinets. This allows warm air to circulate and keep them warm.
  • Let your faucets drip slowly. This can help reduce freezing.
  • Insulate exposed pipes and hose-bibs. Piping insulation, rags, or bubble wrap will all help.
  • Have food and water ready. This can help minimize traveling in dangerous conditions.
  • If you need to go out bundle up! Extreme cold and winds can quickly cause frostbite.
  • If you experience any damage to your home because of the storm, such as frozen or burst pipes, please contact your homeowners insurance company promptly.

Like you, our company, contractors, and family members will bear similar burdens related to this storm. If, after assessing any damage you may have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Above all else, please stay safe.