Fall Decor Trends

Although it does not currently feel like it, fall is upon us and will be here before we know it. Now is a great time to get a jump start on shopping for on-trend items that will help transition your home from summer to fall. Late August or early September is the ideal time to start scouting out fall decor so that you are ready to start decorating when the weather cools down or by the first day of fall. Adding a touch of fall style to your home can be fairly easy. Layer in some richer, warmer colors and add in a few fall accents in a variety of textures to achieve a fall feel in your home.

Fall 2022 home decor trends are all about warm neutral tones, interesting shapes and luxurious textures. Rather than completely changing your entire décor and embracing an entire trend, only incorporate the elements that draw you in; certain colors, items, feelings or looks. As with decorating for any season, bring together a curated mix of pieces that reflect you, what you love and your lifestyle.

Earth Tones
Making a comeback in 2022 and a trend that continues into fall are earth tones. Colors such as cinnamon, sand, rust, mushroom, camel copper, terracotta, oatmeal, muted greens and similar neutrals are a perfect addition to any space, as they complement just about every other color palette. Previously, grays and both cool tones were seen in fall décor, but this year is all about softer, warmer, muted tones. The good news is if you already have neutrals and warmer hues in your home you are right on trend!

Natural Wood
The natural beauty of wood creates a calming and welcoming environment throughout your home. Making a comeback, especially in bathroom and kitchen cabinetry, are lighter, warmer wood tones as gray-toned woods are becoming less popular. If your home currently has gray-toned wood flooring or other elements, don’t worry, you can easily incorporate warmer wood tones with chairs, side or coffee tables and wood picture frames. You can also bring a touch of warmth to the kitchen with wood cutting boards and wooden counter stools.

Texture Fabrics and Textiles
Swapping out your lighter-weight pillows, bedding, throws and rugs for heavier, thicker pieces is an easy fall facelift for your home. Velvet, linen, boucle and nubby textured fabrics continue to be wildly popular for interior design. These fabrics, along with chunky cotton and wool, instantly make your home feel cozier. You can add a touch of warmth to your home simply by adding rich velvet pillow covers to pillows you already have. Create a timeless space in your home by mixing texture fabrics with the fabrics already present in your home.

Woven Elements
Along with the warmth you have brought into you space, also add softness with woven elements. Current popular pieces are natural fiber rugs, cane and rattan furniture, woven pendant lights and baskets of all shapes and sizes. Another great piece to include are woven counter stools. Adding a chunky jute rug to a space is another way to bring a touch of warmth and visual interest to a room.

Tonal Color Palettes
Tonal color palettes are a trend that is expected to be popular in fall 2022 and continue into 2023. To achieve this look, try incorporating no more than three colors into a space. Within that tonal palette, mix and match different fabrics, textures, woven elements and natural materials. This is on trend with the current popularity of earth tones, as blending different shades of warm neutrals modernizes your space easily. If you desire a more traditional look, add in one or two other complementary colors. For a modern look, go for a monochromatic effect with all three shades within in the same color family. Layer with pillows, throws, and other accent pieces from your color palette to add dimension. You can add contrast to your rooms with a black lamp, side table, counter stool or small decorative item. For the kitchen vases, cutting boards or small accents in black or other neutral tone incorporates a modern fall look.

Mixing Modern and Vintage
Mixing in vintage pieces is another decorating trend that is back for the fall. Blending different design elements creates a collected and unique space. Vintage rungs are another way to bring a touch of visual interest to a space.

Incorporating curves creates a sense of softness and femininity to a space. Furniture such as curved chairs and sofas, rounded edges on coffee tables, curved mirrors and accent pieces continue to be popular. Newly built homes will also incorporate arched doorways, curved cabinet fronts and curved kitchen island countertops.

To your advantage incorporating this year’s fall trends into your home doesn’t have to cost a ton or take a lot of time. You can easily update your home with a few simple warm and welcoming fall changes. Adding in a throw or accent pillow in a fall tone or new texture can make a big difference. Looking to completely remodel your space or planning your custom built home? Craftmaster Homes LC in New Braunfels is ready to help! Contact us today!