Choosing a Front Door Color

Your front door is one of the first impressions someone has of your home. The color you choose ultimately defines your home in terms of style, class and taste. There are endless front door color ideas for you to choose from; however, the color should fit in with the overall palette of your home.

Choosing your front door color will depend on the color of your home, your preferences and how you plan to decorate your entrance, porch and front yard. The decoration around your door matters as well. Here are five bold front door color choices and tips on how to choose them.

1. The Bright White Door
Are you really wanting a bright white front door? If your exterior home colors are any dark colors such as grey, deep cream, maroon and the like it’s a possibility. A bright white door always blends with a bright white exterior pediment on the door. If you desire an elegantly defined home, add a well-patterned arch to it. White goes with everything, including itself. This means you are able to paint your front door white when you have an all white exterior as well. Preference and cleanliness plays into this decision as well. It’s always a risk worth taking because any decoration added will naturally match.

2. Beige Homes
Beige home front door colors are not as extensive as you would think. There is a fine line between an elegant front door look and “wow, that did not work” with different shades. A dark mahogany door is always a great choice because it pairs well with the pale and sandy look of beige.

3. Brown Brick Homes
Brown brick is an old school color where, back in the day, the wealthy loved using brown bricks for designing the exterior of a home. There are a plethora of front door colors that compliment this brick. A brown front door is a great color option. Brown brick is not entirely defined as a dark color. It can be a bright deep color depending on its shade. Another shade of this scheme does match well. If your home exterior brick is a cinnamon brown, a tawny or brunette front door will fit in perfectly. A chocolate front door color will also bring your house to taste. However, not all brown shades will fit. A brown brick home would also be well complemented by black, grey, white or mahogany.

4. Red Brick Homes
Brick homes vary in color depending on the iron content and temperature used to make the bricks. Brick red is a deep color, therefore you can not use any shade of red if elegance is what you are looking for, including maroon, pink or any such shade. You also can’t go for a bright color like yellow or orange. Cobalt blue is an excellent bold choice for a red brick home. Cobalt grey is also a wise choice. Both of these color choices are well complimented by a plain white thick exterior door frame.

5. White Homes
If you have any eye for color you might agree that decorating a white house is easy. Choosing a front door color will be a piece of cake if you are a minimalist. White is clean and consistent; therefore, selecting a “screaming” color would be the wrong risk to take. Deep and slightly shiny colors such as deep plum, black, navy blue, grass green and denim blue would be a nice match. With a bright white home exterior you can also choose front door colors such as blue skies, lime green, coral and pale pink. Again, be sure to factor your porch decor into this decision.

Before you begin building your custom dream home and contemplating front door color ideas, be sure to do some mock up color tests for your home. Choose a roof color that will match the door, walls and other parts of your home for the exterior. A grey roof goes with a grey door color if the home exterior is white. You would want to go with a different option if your home exterior is brown, maroon or other such colors.

And don’t worry if you still have no idea what color front door you want, we are here to help! Ready to build the Hill Country home of your dreams? Contact Craftmaster Homes, LC in New Braunfels today to start your home building journey!