Building Material Prices Decrease, Concrete Continues to Rise

Building material prices saw a decline in September; however, ready-mix concrete prices continue to rise rapidly. Gypsum prices did drop in price, but are up more than 20% over last year. Along with the slowing economy and housing market, the latest Producer Price Index (PPI) report showed a decrease of .3% for building materials in September.

Building material prices have declined 2.3% since June, making it the largest three-month drop since April 2020. However, material prices were already at extremely elevated rates and there have only been modest price decreases. Lumber and steel have seen a drop in price over the last few months, but ready-mix concrete and gypsum building materials have continued to rise in cost dating back to early 2021.

Gypsum is a major component of drywall and a critical ingredient in the Portland cement used to produce ready-mix concrete. The supply of domestically produced ready-mix concrete and gypsum has been spread thin due to a high demand of cement and lower imports of aggregate because of a quarry shutdown in Mexico.

The PPI for softwood lumber shows a slightly less decline in September (2.9%) compared to August (5.2%); however prices are still 14.5% higher than it was a year ago. Softwood Lumber prices have dropped 39.6% since March, but remain 41.9% above pre-pandemic levels. There has also been a decrease in steel mill products in September at 6.7%, bringing the decline in price 16.1% over the past four months. Steel mill products are nearly double their pre-pandemic levels despite the index at its lowest level since June 2021.

Ready-mix concrete increased, for the sixth consecutive month, by 1.4% in September. Over the past year the index has increased 11.6% with an 8.9% year-to-date increase. This increase is the largest September YTD increase in the series’ 34-year history. The South region is seeing the highest increase in ready-mix concrete prices. Gypsum building materials did see a .2% drop in September, being the secondly monthly decrease in two years. Gypsum prices have increased 20.2% over the past year and have risen 46% since January 2020.

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