The Biggest Lesson You Need to Know When Building

Public Service Announcement! It’s important that you understand this lesson, helping you to save time, money, stress, headaches, etc. Changes cost time and changes cost money!

This is something that home builders do not always understand. It can cause a lot of strife in your build. If you understand this concept, you can work around it and create a much better building experience and with a lower cost. It also can decrease stress in your custom home build. You can make as many changes as you wish, but it is vital to make those changes during the estimation stage, not after building has already started. Do not make changes as your custom Hill Country home is being built if it can be helped. You can become your own worst enemy by being out at the job site everyday changing things and moving things around. We also do not recommend leaving decisions up to chance. Making last minute changes in the middle of your build can confuse your contractors and create delays in your build.

Craftmaster Custom Homes LC highly recommends taking a little extra time in the planning process to make sure everything is exactly like you want it before starting your build. We have found that those customers are much happier and satisfied with their build, pricing and timeline of their custom dream home. You will also get better pricing by making those decisions early and sticking with them, rather than making last minute changes.

Craftmaster Homes LC is here to help and make the process as stress-free as possible. If you have any questions about your custom home building process in the Hill Country of New Braunfels please reach out to us! We are always available for a consultation, detailed estimates or timelines and would love to hear from you!