2023 Design Trends

Are you getting ready to build your custom Hill Country dream home? Or maybe building a wish list in your head? Keeping up on the latest trends is a fun and important part of the home design process. Many of the dominating trends are familiar, while others are just emerging. Here’s a few design trends we’re seeing as we approach 2023.

Flex Space
A family’s needs are constantly changing as are the needs of home spaces. From home offices to taking care of aging parents, planning for flex spaces during the design stage of your home build can help make this happen the right way. A home office is able to easily convert to an additional bedroom if it includes a closet and a second form of egress. Another option is including space for a data closet to switch an extra bedroom to a media room in the future.

Kitchen Islands
A must-have for entertaining, casual dining and preparing fun recipes found on social media is a large kitchen island. However, peninsula islands are a trend of the past.

Smart Kitchen Storage
There are an endless amount of options to make your kitchen work smarter. Galley-style layouts are making a comeback to help avoid wasted space, while clunky corner cabinets are out. Another common essential for reducing countertop clutter and instilling a sense of minimalism is creative interior storage, such as built-in spice racks, vertical cookie-sheet racks and small-appliance elevators. Also, be sure to plan ahead for plenty of accessible outlets for both cooking needs and electronics charging.

Open Floor Plans
Although some in the housing industry state open floor plans are beginning to disappear, we are not seeing that among our custom home builders. Homeowners still want a connection between the kitchen and living areas to allow for easy entertaining and help light infiltrate the living space.

LED Mirrors
Custom home buyers are starting to replace two and three light vanity fixtures for mirrors with built-in LED lights, with or without a recessed medicine cabinet. We are also seeing more experimentation in bathroom lighting overall, including pendant links over the sink.

Steam Showers
A high end luxury that is beginning to make an appearance are steam showers, which provide relaxation without having to fill a tub.

Outdoor Living
We have seen an increase in outdoor areas since the pandemic and that trend does not seem to be slowing down. Specifically, back porches are becoming more functional than ever including outdoor kitchens, comfortable and stylish furniture that withstands all types of weather and designated areas for gathering, relaxing and eating. Another popular trend is large folding or sliding doors to create a seamless transition from indoors to out.

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